Woolhouse. Costa Rica, 2003.


Material: Second-hand sweaters with Nordic patterns, makeshift wood house construction, and photographs.

Anja Franke, 2003.

Shown at the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporaneo, San José, Costa Rica, 2003. Visitors were welcomed to use the interior space and as they moved into the museum they would see various photographs of the female members of the artist’s family. Including, her mother, sister, niece, goddaughter, sister and a friend who were photographed wearing the Nordic sweaters affixed to the walls on the outside of the house and/or outside the museum (see image above). The makeshift wood house construction was installed and open throughout the exhibition.

Woolhouse, front entrance, 2003.
Woolhouse [interior of makeshift wood house construction]. People were welcome to sit and use the space.