(Untitled) Igloo, 2014

(Untitled) IGLOO A

This installation was organized at M&A: Materials and Applications, Los Angeles, Silver Lake, in 2007.

Materials: Felt wool, bamboo rods, water, grass, and white gravel.

The main Igloo concept was to create a typical (cold) Nordic icon as an Igloo and introduce this home typology in LA. Not only challenging the warm California urbanity, but to also introduce a new living space arrangement. I decided that the material for the Igloo had to be wool felt; which also contrasts with the warm weather of Los Angeles, and weaved large sections with a bamboo frame to make the Igloo. This new form established a quiet space inside to sit down and in this manner, to make a social statement.

Behind the main Igloo concept for the building within a California context, I was questioning the political dilemma behind climate change in the world. I did know at the time that the US is often listed as one country which is producing the biggest amount of CO2 in the world, next to China, I wanted to find out if this form of an igloo could some how generate a new home habitat that would produce little or no emissions. The project featured many guests and volunteers who generously donated their time to constructing this form of flash architecture.