WASTE TIME Pattern from the WASTE SERVICE participatory perfomances. Anja Franke, 2012 -2018.


WASTE TIME is a pattern I produce and distribute in participatory workshops around the world, which is then painted on ready-made porcelain that comes from discarded or second-hand tea services and/or other plates. These re-purposed participatory and ceramic painting workshops are called WASTE SERVICE. These workshops can be seen in themselves as an intervention or interruption of creative time through waste and the production of this new pattern. Moreover, I bake the newly painted plates and cups; and these find themselves into various configurations or installations in general.

The pattern has been developed with reference to the typical Danish kitchen blue color, called Danish, blue fluted porcelain. I like to think of WASTE TIME as an bending of the idea of ‘wasting’ time is in relation to other forms of productivity and the value of creativity, from various people and walks of life.

WASTE SERVICE (the overall name of the project) is about our daily use-and-throw-away culture in general. Looking to spark considerations for how we interact with our environment and how through simple means, we can give it new value – i.e. from plates to homes to the whole city. Below is a sample of patterns and some installation shots from various places.

Museum installation
Banner Installation.
Silk-screened table cloth
WASTE TIME / WASTE SERVICE CPH Art Festival, Denmark. Video of my recycled porcelain painting workshop.