Waste Time / photo from installation at Trapholt Museum, 2016

WASTE TIME - Trapholt Museum

WASTE TIME is an art project based the aesthetic social intervention. Consisting of second-hand dinnerware, which takes collections of porcelain that are no longer in use into the artwork. I have traveled to different cities with porcelain and introduced to people a space to decorate, what I call the ‘recycled’ porcelain.  This new painted ceramics are decorated with a new pattern I developed, called WASTE TIME. The pattern has been conceived from the idea to do an action that doesn’t belong to the rationalist idea about life and time-use, and instead embraces to “just to waste time.”  In addition, the pattern references the Danish “Royal Copenhagen” porcelain, commonly known as Blue Fluted Plain dinnerware, which uses an ultramarine blue. Waste Time is also about our daily life rhythms of use-and-throw-away culture and sparking consideration for how we interact with our environment and with simple means exemplifying how we can reshape it to give it new value – from plates to homes to whole cities. WASTE TIME porcelain or dinnerware has been now produced in temporary installations in Berlin, Copenhagen, Kolding, Haderslev, Fredericia, Århus, Vejle, Vejen, Middelfart, Billund, Calcutta and Mexico City.