Scandinavia, 2005


Shown in the group exhibition “Konsthandverk 2005″ arranged by Craft Sweden, Röda Sten Cultural Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Materials: Sweaters, carpet and wallpaper made from woolly fleece featuring serigraphic prints showing an ice flower motif. Foundry sheet-metal painted yellow, MDF, neon lighting, sound from ceiling-mounted speakers, mirror, and iron rack.

Dimensions: 5 m long, 1,5 m wide, 2,5 m high, 10 modules.

SCANDINAVIA is a ‘passage’ or corridor reconstructing themes from Scandinavian culture. The corridor displays Nordic artisan traditions, popular Nordic themes and modernistic Scandinavian architecture contrasting with visual and architectural icons. The felt sweaters are copies of the famous Icelandic wool sweaters. The corridor was positioned near Gothenburg’s Scandinavian harbor, under the highway overpass moving traffic to Norway.