THE WINTER OFFICE installation for InstantHerlev institute’s, 10th anniversary exhibition, called ‘By Invitation Only’, 2014.

InstantHerlev's 10th Anniversary Exhibition 'By Invitation Only' curated by Lucía Sanromán in collaboration with InstantHerlev institute and THE WINTER OFFICE

BY INVITATION ONLY – With Azra Aksamija, Sergio de la Torre, Anja Franke, Dor Guez, Miki Kratsman, Rikke Luther, Carlos Motta, Camilo Ontiveros, Omar Pimienta, Susan Silton, and THE WINTER OFFICE. Curated by Lucia Sanroman in collaboration with InstantHerlev and THE WINTER OFFICE. The exhibition was on view from August 9 to November 2, 2014

Download a version of the exhibitions press release, here

InstantHerlev institute celebrated ten years of artistic interventions and exhibitions in the calm of the suburban city of Herlev, with this anniversary exhibition, called BY INVITATION ONLY.  Artist and curator Anja Franke has used her home as the site of InstantHerlev institute as a stage from which to query urban and social conditions of this neighborhood. In 2014, the exhibition was about looking inward, towards the interior of Franke’s home and the possibilities offered by the domestic space to become another kind of microcosm, that of the nation state. Especially as it addresses its relationship to others, whether they are foreigners or nationals, friends or foes. This summer long exhibition produced many events, performances and celebrations. Marking 10 years of cultural production in Herlev, Denmark.

We can make room for you wholesale, detail by THE WINTER OFFICE, 2014
We can make room for you wholesale, detail with weed growth by THE WINTER OFFICE, 2014
InstantHerlev institute grounds, in the background, Camilo Ontiveros, WANTED, 2014
Camilo Ontiveros, WANTED, 2014
Interior, detail, 2014.
Interior, detail, 2014.
Interior, with artwork, detail, 2014.
Susan Silton, Your Welcome, lithographic postcards, 2014.
InstantHerlev institute, visitors during Learning Site’s performance, 2014.
InstantHerlev institute, dinner reception after a performance by during an event organized by Rikke Luther for Learning Site, 2014.