ON LOCATION, 2020. Herlev, Denmark.


Materials: Photography, mirror, concrete, ceramic (Leca) and printed matter.

Dimensions: L: 2.5m H: 2m D: 50 cm

ON LOCATION is a site-specific work, a staging of places / locations in Herlev. Outside at the exhibition site is set up 1 photo, on a wall constructed of Leca foundation blocks and mirrors. In addition, a printed matter, which represents a fictitious walk in Herlev with photo and dialogue between Anja Franke and Kaj Aage Drafenharden. – I stage reality and fantasy, which are experienced within the same time period, when reality surpasses imagination. And explores the micro-local place, focusing on intimacy and the private narrative. A mental journey, into Herlev, as opposed to traveling the world, by Anja Franke.

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