Materials: Solid oak, mirrors, kettle, herbal bed and solar PV .

TEA WITH A VIEW II is first shown at the exhibition Sculpture By Sea 1 – June 30, 2013, Aarhus. TEA WITH A VIEW II is a public sculpture located in the open countryside and public spaces. Here is a frame to frame a section of the landscape, where the audience can sit down, take a break and waste time. And while making a cup of tea, mint planted in a nearby a herb garden as part of the public sculpture. On the roof of the frame is inserted solar cell , providing energy to boil water for tea.


TWAV is about creating a place in public spaces that have not yet been created. And to waste time, the time that we as individuals squandering when we do not produce anything and instead form part of an immaterial, non functional, logical and mental fluency that may remind you of it falling over. TEA WITH A VIEW II is made of solid oak, a podium covered with mirrors and integrated PV systems. The artwork is both about the body and the aesthetic space, while it is politicized and suggested that it is the individual who personally create meaning in the public domain and affects the aesthetics and environment of the actions that are being subsided.

Visitors can both make a cup of tea and photographers themselves framed the landscape.