This site gathers a select collection of artworks and projects by the Danish artist Anja Franke


InstantHERLEV institute is an exhibition-making organization for artistic research and site-specific projects founded and directed by Anja Franke

Jens Haaning. Reducing Europe by 1m3. InstantHerlev institute – Suburb, Site, Environment [near, Byskovej 18, Herlev] 15 August, 2009 -1 January, 2010.

InstantHerlev institute – Surburb, Site, Environment, 2009

Suburb, Site, and Environment was a Fall exhibition that gathered architectural /artistic artworks directly installed, developed and produced by InstantHerlev institute for its grounds and surroundings in the city of Herlev, Denmark. This particular site-specific exhibition forms part of an ongoing series of exhibitions that InstantHerlev institute has made on its grounds, and which are generally curated by Anja Franke or other curators.

Participating artists:

Giamoco Castagnola, Tjiuana, Mexico.
Fallen Fruit with Matias Viegner, David Burns / Austin Young, Los Angeles, USA
Dider & Hess, Los Angeles, USA
Jens Haaning, København, Denmark.
Gillion Grantsaan, København, Denmark.
Camilla Berner, København, Denmark.
Kristina Ask, København, Denmark.
Anja Franke, Herlev, Denmark.

In Fall 2009, InstantHerlev institute organized a unique exhibition in its grounds and for the city of Herlev; curated by the visual artist Anja Franke. This exhibition marks the second time Franke invited international artists to produce and exhibit works in her garden and home. Where visitors were met by a beach installed in the front garden of this quiet suburb of Herlev and through a wooden-fence tunnel you can enter through and out of the garden around the clock to access the exhibition. The private home garden was also redefined to function as a public exhibition, in the garden display tradition practiced in Los Angeles, where some of the artists lived and practice temporarly during the installation of the work. In Denmark, gardens are often private or hidden behind large well-groomed lily hedges and the installations breaks with this landscaping tradition.

Each of the artists created specific projects looking to establish a dialogue with the suburb of Herlev, its environment and influence on the individual as she move in its private and public spaces. The exhibit looked at living conditions created in connection with climate change in the US and Scandinavia. How nature, culture and the environment affect the everyday life of the individual, for example. In this sense, the artworks examined the conflicts we encounter on a pedestrian level and how these are globalized in culture through local experience of a neighborhood.

 InstantHERLEV institute at Byskovvej 28, Herlev 2009 . 2010.
 InstantHERLEV institute at Byskovvej 28, Herlev 2009 . 2010.
 InstantHERLEV institute at Byskovvej 28, Herlev 2009 . 2010.
 InstantHERLEV institute at Byskovvej 28, Herlev 2009 . 2010.
Giamoco Castagnola for InstantHERLEV institute at Byskovvej 28, Herlev 2009 . 2010.
 InstantHERLEV institute at Byskovvej 28, Herlev 2009 . 2010.
 InstantHERLEV institute at Byskovvej 28, Herlev 2009 . 2010.