This site gathers a select collection of artworks and projects by the Danish artist Anja Franke


InstantHERLEV institute is an exhibition-making organization for artistic research and site-specific projects founded and directed by Anja Franke

Screenshot of the former website of IHi. Published by InstantHerlev Institute between 2012 to July 2017.

Archive link of former website:

In trying to set up some continuity between formats, new technologies, and online representation, we often upload extensive amounts of information, which an very easily disappear. In an effort to preserve my former website, I have ‘migrated’ the entire site to this archive, where I hope¬† to conserve it as it functioned, between 2012 and 2017, under the hyperlink:

If you would like to explore this archival website, please click this link:

Archival Website