This site gathers a select collection of artworks and projects by the Danish artist Anja Franke


InstantHERLEV institute is an exhibition-making organization for artistic research and site-specific projects founded and directed by Anja Franke

The Space between Plates, 2017

The Space between Plates, 2017

Material: Clay (from my home garden) fired in my backyard. Clay disks sizes are variable.

The artwork “The Space Between Plates” consists of impressions from woven lace work by my grandmother, Oline Franke; who made them close to 100 years ago. The artwork was part of the SOIL exhibition at the Sixty Eight Institute and InstantHERLEV Institute. This exhibition was based on soil as an artistic research material. This materialistic study, brought five artists to experiment with earthly materials to investigate different states, agents, organisms and cultural constructions of soil in September 2017.