Artistic-research for upcoming ‘SOIL’ exhibition at SixtyEight Art Institute [8. September — 30. September, 2017]


Investigating soil from the garden and burning clay from soil collected in the suburb of Herlev. Part of a collaboration between SixtyEight Art Institute and InstantHERLEV institute in preparation for the ‘SOIL’ exhibition by Anja Franke. This dual-site exhibition starts as part of a investigations process event, open to the public as of the 22 of july, 2017 at InstantHERLEV institute and with an exhibition component, opening in Copenhagen, on 8. September, 2017 at SixtyEight Art Institute.  The exhibition will be on view from 8. September – 30. September, 2017. Participate artist:  Book&Hedén (N), Camilla Reyman (DK), Esben Klemann (DK), Anja Franke (DK).

The image above is from the IHi frontgarden where we have dug soil, examined it and found clay. The hole for a outdoor fire or a ‘ready-made kiln’ to bake the various clay forms that come out of these soils.  The SOIL exhibition is based on investigation soil collected as material for a series of sculptures, produced from these clays. In addition, through a materialistic ground study, five artists will present new artworks produced with other earthly materials and that in their own way investigate different states, agents, organisms and cultural constructions around soil.