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Notes from Herlev - Updates and Thoughts


Investigating soil from the garden and burning clay from soil collected in the suburb of Herlev. Part of a collaboration between SixtyEight Art Institute and InstantHERLEV institute in preparation for the ‘SOIL’ exhibition by Anja Franke. This dual-site exhibition starts as part of a investigations process event, open to the public as of the 22 of july, 2017 at InstantHERLEV institute and with an exhibition component, opening in Copenhagen, on 8. September, 2017 at SixtyEight Art Institute.  The exhibition will be on view from 8. September – 30. September, 2017. Participate artist:  Book&Hedén (N), Camilla Reyman (DK), Esben Klemann (DK), Anja Franke (DK).

The image above is from the IHi frontgarden where we have dug soil, examined it and found clay. The hole for a outdoor fire or a ‘ready-made kiln’ to bake the various clay forms that come out of these soils.  The SOIL exhibition is based on investigation soil collected as material for a series of sculptures, produced from these clays. In addition, through a materialistic ground study, five artists will present new artworks produced with other earthly materials and that in their own way investigate different states, agents, organisms and cultural constructions around soil.

Fredensborg Municipality Art Foundation has acquired the work TEA WITH A VIEW II by Danish artist Anja Franke. The artwork is now set in the beautiful park at Nivaagaards Malerisamling. In this context Fredensborg Municipality inaugurated the work at Nivaagaard Picture Gallery on Wednesday 25 September 17.00 . TEA WITH A VIEW II had been exhibited earlier this year at Sculpture Festival Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus, where it won the Sculpture by the Sea Award. Now the citizens of the municipality of Fredensborg and visitors to Nivaagaards Malerisamling can joy of the work. The sculpture consists of oak , solar cells, plate glass and a kettle that invite one to stay and wonder, but also as a sculpture for social interaction. The audience is invited to boil water in the boiler, pick fresh mint from a nearby herb garden and enjoy a cup of tea in the sculpture that is overlooking one of North Zealand’s most beautiful views.

TEA WITH A VIEW II at Nivaagaard Malerisamling, Sponcor by PP Møbler, Allerød, Denmark.

Dag og Nat (Day and Night) permanently installed in Skovlunde Bypark was created by the  in 2015. Dag og Nat is the result of a collaboration between the Danish Arts Foundation and Ballerup Kommune (Municipality) about an artwork that looks to create a new meeting point and as well improve accessibility to this city park. This video was produced by Ballerup Kommune as an effort to introduce the artwork in general.