This site gathers a select collection of artworks and projects by the Danish artist Anja Franke


InstantHERLEV institute is an exhibition-making organization for artistic research and site-specific projects founded and directed by Anja Franke

By Invitation Only’ Video from Local Station

By Invitation Only was an exhibition guest-curated by Lucía Sanromán at InstantHerlev Institute exploring the concept of hospitality through its negative modes of exclusion, control, discrimination and social stereotyping. Through this exploration, the exhibit correlated this Danish home with the nation. The exhibition looked at the concepts of radical hospitality as the underlying basis for challenging the philosophical ideas that conform foreign international relations — including asylum policies, national security, and humanitarian intervention.

This video captures to some extent the environment established by the exhibition during the summer of 2014; as seen through the eyes of a local TV station in Herlev, Denmark.  Danish, no English subtitles.

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